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Some Popular Fad Diets that Work

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Some Popular Fad Diets that Work

Some Popular Fad Diets that Work

All fad diets are designed to help lose fat. Though these diet plans promise a number of health benefits, not much scientific evidence is available supporting their efficiency. Moreover, it has been observed that some of these fad diets are not nutritionally balanced and fail to deliver results in the long run.

However, fortunately, it has been found in some controlled studies that certain fad diets do help lose weight. These diet plans not only support weight loss, but are also well-balanced, sustainable, and healthy.

Mentioned below are some examples of fad diets that work.

Atkins Diet: This extremely popular low-carb weight loss diet was introduced in early 1970s by cardiologist Robert Atkins. The diet comprises of four stages, including an induction phase of two weeks where carb intake is restricted to 20 grams a day while allowing fat and protein in unlimited amounts.

Later on, the diet gradually adds back the carb in increments of 5 grams to find out the critical carbohydrate levels for weight loss.

Vegan Diet: This diet is highly recommended as a healthy and ethical way of eating. Some experts, however, have criticized vegan diets for being extreme and unbalanced because they are completely devoid of animal products.

Studies have indicated that whole food based vegan diets can actually help lose weight and may reduce the risk of heart related diseases. Longer studies have indicated that vegan diets also yield impressive results on the long run.

Ketogenic Diet: While discussing diets that work, this is one of the foremost options to consider. This diet functions by lowering the body’s insulin level and shifting its primary fuel source to ketone from sugar. This shift takes place under a specific metabolic state of the body known as ketosis. Unlike Atkins, Ketogenic diets do not increase the carb intake at any stage of the plan.

Paleo Diet: The short form of paleolithic, paleo is a diet plan that revolves around diets that hunter-gatherers used to consume thousands of years ago. Paleo restricts many different types of foods including grains, legumes, and dairies. This balanced diet promotes healthy eating and eliminates all types of processed food. It has also been observed that Paleo diet may help the dieters lose visceral fat.

5:2 Diet: This is an intermittent fasting diet plan also known as alternate-day fasting. While following this diet, individuals consume normal diet for five days a week and restrict the calorie intake to 500-600 calories for the remaining two days. There are adequate clinical evidences suggesting that this diet is effective for fat loss while protecting the loss of muscle mass.

South Beach Diet: A cardiologist named Dr. Arthur Agatston created this lower-fat, low-carb, and high-protein diet in the mid-1990s.

The initial stage of this diet is very low in fat and low in carbs. However, in the later stages, it becomes less restrictive. These later phases allow all types of unprocessed food in limited quantities, while ensuring high protein intake. In addition to helping lose weight, this diet also reduced heart related risks.

The primary objective of this brief article was help you find out a few fad diets that work. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions related to following a healthy diet plan.

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