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Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers 

Q: I like the Premium Waist Trimmer. I have a 38" waistline, what size do I buy? PREMIUM WAIST TRAINER AND TRIMMER BELT FOR MEN & WOMEN
A: Our Premium Waist Trimmers come in 4 sizes. Small is 34 inches long; Medium 44 inches; Large 51 inches; X-Large 60 inches. For a 38" waistline, we would suggest the Medium Belt.

Q: What is the difference between the Standard and Premium Waist Trimmers?
A: The main difference is the design. The Premium Waist Trimmer is designed for more rigorous activities and exercises.

Q: I bought a Premium and a Standard Waist Trimmer and noticed that it has a strong smell. What is that? and how do I get rid of it?
A: That strong odor is the neoprene which is one of the essential materials of our high quality waist trimmers. To help rid of the smell, soak the product in warm soapy water for a few minutes and hang to dry. The smell will eventually disappear over time.

Q: I want to buy the Premium Running Belt but I don't know if it would fit me. I'm a size 40".
A: Our Premium Running Belt fits waist lines of 28 to 44 inches.

Q: How do the waist trimmers help me lose weight.
A: The secret is the thermogenic effect that our belt produces once worn. This makes your midsection sweat more and increases your core temperature.

Q: I have had Running Belts before and they just slip up my stomach when I run. Can I avoid that with your belt?
A: Definitely yes. Our team has sit down and spent a lot of time in design and testing that we have come up with a running belt that does not bunch up the stomach while running. The belt fits snugly that allows a runner to have a worry free run, knowing your essential items are safe and intact.

Q: I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. Would it fit in the Running Belt? 
A: Our Premium Running Belt has a main pack size of 6.8" in length and 3.2" in width which fits even an iphone 6+ which is bigger than a Galaxy S5. So yes, the Galaxy S5 will fit.

Q: What if I do not like what I ordered? 
A: If in the unlikely event that you do not like the Just Fitter product that you have ordered, contact us, and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Q: My sister used to have a waist belt and it gave her a rash. How do I avoid that?
A: Our waist trimmers are made of high quality neoprene. If neoprene gives you an allergic reaction, we suggest to wear the belt over your shirt or a light cloth.