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Protect Your Body from the Impacts of Increased Acid Load

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Protect Your Body from the Impacts of Increased Acid Load

Protect Your Body from the Impacts of Increased Acid Load

If you have been following our recent articles, you already know that the pH of a healthy body tends to be on the alkaline side. Though the blood pH doesn’t change, your saliva and urine pH can change because of the foods we consume. The overall alkalinity of our bodies can increase or decrease as the combined effect of different foods.

As an alkaline state is healthier, the body always tries to maintain alkalinity throughout its cells and tissues. Staring from the 60s, our scientists were able to analyze different food components in terms of their pH. This resulted in the categorization of different foods as acidic or basic.

Alkaline and Acidic Foods:

In general, vegetables and fruits are mostly alkaline in nature because of their mineral content. On the other hand, poultry, meat, dairy, caffeine, and processed foods are acidic in nature. All soda drinkers must keep in mind that this is highly acidic with a pH of around 2.5.

In addition to choosing meals that will result in a positive alkali load, opt for sources containing less toxin and higher mineral content. Going organic is undoubtedly the safest option because inorganic alternatives are most grown in toxin exposed soils devoid of minerals. 

Negative Effects of Increased Acid Load:

  • Chronic low-grade acidosis is one of the negative impacts of consuming too much of acidic food. This condition is often associated with inflammation and chronic pain.
  • Consumption of an acidic diet without alkaline minerals for a prolonged period can result in bone density deterioration.
  • Magnesium deficient acidic diets may lead to headaches, anxiety, sleep issues, and negative impacts throughout the body.

Hope all of you enjoyed this discussion and please keep visiting for more.

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