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Miami Herald: New Premium Quality Adjustable Slimmer Belt Receives Five Star Reviews on Amazon

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Miami Herald: New Premium Quality Adjustable Slimmer Belt Receives Five Star Reviews on Amazon

Miami Herald: New Premium Quality Adjustable Slimmer Belt Receives Five Star Reviews on Amazon

Originally posted on Miami Herald on Feb. 9, 2016.

Archived content below.

A new adjustable waist trimmer belt is receiving a flood of positive 5 star reviews from Amazon about its comfort and its ability to help increase fat burning during exercise by increasing body core temperature.

The new premium waist trimmer belt from Just Fitter has received a flood of positive 5 Star reviews on Amazon with users thrilled with both its comfort and its ability to help speed up fat burning from the waist area especially while working out.

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Waist trimmer belts have become highly popular in recent years because they can help speed up fat loss from the abdominal region by increasing body temperature in that area. The market is filled with different belts but many are low quality and uncomfortable to wear.

Just Fitter saw that what people were looking for was a premium quality, fully adjustable, comfortable belt so they invested in extensive product research to design a belt that would be fully adjustable and fit a wide range of men and women with different waist sizes.

The Just Fitter waist trimming belts were carefully designed to ensure a perfect fit regardless of body type and users have been thrilled flooding the company with positive 5 star reviews on leading online retailer Amazon.

The premium belt provides the best support for the lower back and lumbar and will comfortably accommodate waist sizes in both men and women up to 44 inches. Being fully adjustable significantly enhances the comfort of the Just Fitter slimming belt.

Users are especially enthusiastic about the belt because while exercising it can help trim their waistline by heating up the body core temperature helping to increase the burning of fat. The belt creates a powerful thermogenic effect on the applied area which helps to increases blood flow to the midsection allowing the body to reach stubborn fat cells.

The adjustable nature of the belt and its wide waist range also means that users can still use the slimming belt with comfort as their waist size shrinks.

Just Fitter is a small, innovative family owned and operated company based in Chicago, Illinois that combines meticulous market research with innovative solutions, strict quality control and testing to create high quality, effective, and durable products that make their customers lives easier.

Established in 2014, Just Fitter is determined to become known for reliable fitness solutions that get results for their customers, as well as excellent customer support. They are thrilled with the positive reviews their new waist slimmer belt has received and feels it vindicates the amount of time and effort that went into the research design and testing of the new belt.

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