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Kava Kava Root Extract Powder. Delicious Flavored Instant Drink Supplement. The Natural, Fast-acting way to Relax, Relieve Stress, Mild Anxiety, Insomnia, Muscle & Nervous Tension.

  • $27.99

RELIEVE SLEEPLESSNESS AND TENSION. Kava contains compounds to reduce chemical activity in the brain and nervous system to calm the nerves and helps you get on with your day in a relaxed, positive frame of mind. Soothes your racing mind and reduce muscle tension to promote restorative sleep.

ENJOY THE AWESOME TASTE. Kava naturally comes with a strong earthly taste. However, we have created a pleasant wild berry flavored effervescent formula that tastes great. Each sachet contains Kava conc. Extract standardised to 125mg of kavalactones. RelaxMax is the only effervescent kava supplement on the market.

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE IN MINUTES. RelaxMax Natural Kava comes from high-quality kava root, which has been 100% water extracted and standardized, to preserve the purity and potency of the active compounds. This allows you to feel the effect within a few minutes. Kava is non-addictive and has no ‘hangover’ effect.

STAY SHARP AND CONFIDENT. Kava won’t affect your reaction times or mental clarity – in fact, being relaxed may improve your focus and concentration. Traditionally Kava is used to overcome social anxiety and shyness. So why not enjoy RelaxMax before a meeting, a date, or a party?

SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED & IT WORKS! Scientific Kava trials, conducted at the University of Melbourne in Australia have shown kava’s ability in relieving the symptoms of general anxiety disorders, the reduction of low mood, sleep improvement, and relief from muscular tension. Plus the ability to significantly increase female sexual drive.